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Paper Recordings Presents Project Fear, featuring “Discomaniac” by Nutritious


Project Fear is a brand new compilation series to showcase the freshest jams from all over the world with the Paper stamp of quality. There’s deep house, dub disco, lounge beats, analogue tech, naggers, nu brit and every other genre you want to shake a rave stick at.

Dancefloor warriors like Tal M. Klein, Anthony Mansfield, Ralph Myerz, Nutritious, Doc L Junior and DJ Rocca nuzzle up to Paper favourites De Fantastiske To, Richard Seaborne, Kimo and Chris Massey plus we welcome Mordisco, Replete, Wilder, Solune, Anthony Mansfield, Sofa Talk and Replete to the fold.

We live in strange times and it is our pleasure and privilege to have friends and artists featured from the USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Indonesia, France, Norway and of course the United Kingdom of Blighty.

Love in. Hate Out.

Purchase it HERE.


In Bed with Nutritious & Wilder | Forward Disco [Interview]



“A duo of many, many hats – Nutritious & Zoe Wilder run the Brooklyn based label SpinSpinNYC, but there is more, much more.  Nutritious recently threw it down for us at Cielo.  We caught up with them for our latest interview.

How and where did you meet and when did you begin working together?

Nutritious: Yikes. We met through a convoluted love triangle…”

Click through to read the rest of Forward Disco‘s interview with Nutritious & Wilderhttp://forwarddisco.com/2013/07/interview-nutritious-zoe-wilder/

More Than Disco | Nutritious – Flash It [Review]



“Flash It, the latest single from entrepreneurial DJ delight, Nutritious, pays homage to the bustling, urban patchwork of New York in this minimalist house track. Through throbs of bass and shimmers of disco tinsel, the skylines of Manhattan come alive. It has been described as a “bold journey into the future of deep house and EDM…”

Click through to continue reading More Than Disco‘s review of Nutritious’s Flash It: http://morethandisco.com/mtd-buzz/2013/6/26/nutritious-flash-it