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Paper Recordings Presents Trash The Wax 4, featuring “Fantasia” by Nutritious


Paper Recordings presents Trash The Wax 4, featuring “Fantasia” by Nutritious. The  release date is November 17th. However, you can grab an an advanced copy via Juno Download NOW. Enjoy.


Listen: Nickodemus – WONDERWORLD: 10 Years Of Painting Outside The Lines Mix

More Than Disco | Nutritious – Flash It [Review]



“Flash It, the latest single from entrepreneurial DJ delight, Nutritious, pays homage to the bustling, urban patchwork of New York in this minimalist house track. Through throbs of bass and shimmers of disco tinsel, the skylines of Manhattan come alive. It has been described as a “bold journey into the future of deep house and EDM…”

Click through to continue reading More Than Disco‘s review of Nutritious’s Flash It: http://morethandisco.com/mtd-buzz/2013/6/26/nutritious-flash-it

Introducing: Cubez



How did you two meet?
We met through a mutual friend in Brooklyn from a former band we were in. Angelo was playing guitar at the time and Eric was a drum set player.

Describe your aesthetic:
Our aesthetic is forward-thinking and urban.


When did you start making music?                                                                  We both started making music at very young ages. Eric was on violin in 4th grade and switched to drums in 6th grade and then started making beats for rappers in his neighborhood at 18. Angelo started playing trumpet when he was very young and moved onto guitar in the 6th grade and then onto electronic music in his teens.

What instruments/equipment do you use?
In the studio we use Ableton Live and an ever growing slew of soft synths. For our live show we are currently using the SPD-SX and the SPD-S sampling machines, some drumsticks, and maybe, just maybe adding a computer into the mix….We’ll see.

How does Brooklyn influence your style?
Brooklyn is a mecca of inspiration….as any place you live. The things going on around us help push us forward and give us energy. And in Brooklyn, there is no lack of constant energy. Plus, every musical act you could ever want to see will play here.

Who inspires your music?
It’s all over the place from Diplo to Araabmuzik to Rustie to Flosstradamus and Birdy Nam Nam to Gatekeeper…from house to moombahton to jungle and hip hop to techno.

Where can people connect with you?
http://www.cubezrus.com                                                        http://www.twitter.com/cubezrus                                      http://www.facebook.com/cubezrus

The debut release from Cubez “Skams” hits worldwide May 7th on SpinSpinNYC. Stay tuned for more details.

Scenester.tv Catches Up with Nutritious at Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood [Interview]

VTrixx and Scenester.tv catch up with Nutritious outside of Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood where he talks about SpinSpinNYC, Hipster House and Fetish Authentic World Tour.

DereksMusicBlog Gives a Glowing Review of Nutritious presents Duke Williams and The Extremes

“…a new, ambitious and innovative label [SpinSpinNYC] decided it was time to reintroduce the world to Duke Williams and The Extremes’ early work.”

“…It only takes one play to reveal its brilliance. After that you’re won over by this majestic Magnus Opus that reveals not just the many talents of Duke Williams and The Extremes, but Nutritious, who is responsible for the cutting-edge, innovative sound that quite simply rocks…”

Read the rest here: http://bit.ly/OXIgmo

Brooklyn Exposed: ‘Nutritious’ Music For The Soul [Interview]

“Shortly after his three-hour set at Halcyon, Nutritious realizes he has no idea what he would do if he weren’t a musician. “It’s just been a part of everything,” he says as we chat on a bench near the famous DUMBO vinyl shop.

Despite having helped co-author a New York Times bestseller with TV personality Montel Williams, scoring two feature films and advocating wellness and holism, music remains at the center of what defines this Brooklyn-based artist.

A revered DJ and producer, label owner and co-founder of SpinSpinNYC, Nutritious’ love for music dates back to his early childhood….” Read more: http://www.brooklynexposed.com/nightlife-music/entry/nutritious-music-for-the-soul/