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Galexi’s “Galaxy” Is Pure Eclipse Disco


“SpinSpinNYC just dropped a hot new video from the mysterious group Galexi. What seems to be their first release, “Galaxy” is a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos–a virtual reality-like trip through space with some sort of banging rave on a far off planet with a death-star disco-ball and a really cool eclipse of a sun….It’s Bjork meets Sia meets Giorgio Moroder.via Magnetic Magazine.

For more info, check out Galexi’s Tumblr.


Gourmet Beats Interviews SpinSpinNYC’s Nutritious & Wilder

“…We sat down with the two of them to talk about making music, throwing parties, and finding that BOUNCE!”

read here: http://www.gourmetbeats.com/archives/887