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Irvin Kelly & Zoe Wilder’s Fashion Collaboration


New York-based photographer Irvin Kelly has an eye for the abstract. Currently living and working in the Bronx, Kelly enjoys shooting events, bands, and architecture, as well as creating edgy, quirky, fine art images. For his latest fashion collaboration, Kelly chose an image of SpinSpinNYC’s Zoe Wilder, taken on the dance floor of house music club Cielo in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District.

Support Irvin Kelly’s art and wear Zoe on a stylish jacket, tank, tee or onesie. Order here: https://www.rageon.com/products/lady-wilder



Zoe Wilder Interviews Interesting Women on Skirt Collective


Check out Zoe Wilder’s interviews with interesting women on Skirt Collective. So far she’s featured Lindsay Jones (pictured above) Anastasia Arteyeva, Beth Kaya, Jenny Electrik and Asha Lo: http://www.skirtcollective.com/author/zoe-wilder/

Photo by Chris Luttrell

A Dancer in Gotham


A Dancer in Gotham is a collaboration between photographer, JP Pacquing, and dancer, Zoe Wilder. This image was captured in Central Park. The placard on the bench said, “The Beat Goes On.”

Check out more images from the shoot on JP’s website: http://jpacquingphotos.wix.com/pacquing#!a-dancer-in-gotham/c19th

and a slideshow video of images from A Dancer in Gotham featuring Flash it by Nutritious: https://vimeo.com/113899439

I Was A Model And I Let Myself Go: On Reclaiming My Beauty | Skirt Collective


“Don’t let yourself go,” they say. But, in an ironic turn of events, the more I let myself go, the more beautiful I look and feel.

I lived in New York City for thirteen years, walking among the biggest fashionistas in the world…”

Read more of Zoe Wilder’s article on Skirt Collective: http://www.skirtcollective.com/model-let-go-reclaiming-beauty/

Follow the adventures of Zoe Wilder on Instagram


Follow Zoe here: http://instagram.com/zoewilder

Look at Photos from Williamsburg Fashion Weekend


Zoe Wilder modeled designs by Brittany Erb, jewelry by Private Opening and boots by Minnetonka Moccasin at at the 13th consecutive season of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend at Villain in Brooklyn.

Check out photos from the runway show performance by Karen Santiago and Jena Cumbo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spinspinnyc/sets/72157636074010135/

The Village Voice Captures Zoe Wilder Blowing Kisses to the Crowd at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend



The Village Voice captures Zoe Wilder (wearing designs by Brittany Erb and accessories by Private Opening) blowing kisses to a spirited crowd at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend on Friday, September 13th in Brooklyn.

Click through to The Village Voice to see Zoe Wilder and view more from the entire weekend: http://www.villagevoice.com/slideshow/williamsburg-fashion-weekend-refused-to-stop-the-party-40383067/26/