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Scenester.tv Catches Up with Nutritious at Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood [Interview]

VTrixx and Scenester.tv catch up with Nutritious outside of Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood where he talks about SpinSpinNYC, Hipster House and Fetish Authentic World Tour.


Death By Electro Interviews Nutritious and Mark Farina at Monday Social in L.A. 2.04.13


“As we walked into Playhouse nightclub, we had no idea what to expect; we’d been to playhouse plenty of times before, but only for electro, dubstep, and big-room house nights. Old School house legend Mark Farina would be spinning, supported by DJ Nutritious. Famous for perfecting his “Mushroom Jazz” sound, we had no doubt that Farina would drop an amazing set. This was our first time seeing a deep house show at Playhouse, and it was uncertain how the crowd would react to the deep, soulful sound that has previously been shunned by many upscale nightclubs. What we saw was mind-blowing; every single person in the venue was dancing, and there was an ineffable, uplifting positive energy.

The event drew a different crowd than we expected; it was very clear that everyone in the room had come because they love the deep house sound, and not just because they wanted to “go clubbing” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Normally Playhouse features very extravagent stage and crowd lighting effects, but for this night they decided to keep it on the simple side, mirroring the vibe of the early chicago house club culture; it turned out to be really cool because it forced the crowd to pay attention to only the music and really get grooving.

Neither DJ used a laptop, something that’s becoming increasingly rare these days. And it was very easy to tell that both artists really knew what they were doing. DJ Nutritious got everybody on the dance floor, and nobody could have played a better show to lead into Farina’s sound. He started by laying down the groove with some funk and disco house tunes, setting the perfect foundation for Farina to take the stage. He turned out to be a really cool guy, and was happy to give us an interview right after his set.”

Read the rest HERE: http://www.deathbyelectro.com/2013/02/mark-farina-playhouse-hollywood-02-04-13/