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Nutritious (@djnutritious) Hosts Worldwide Debut of Flash It & Cielo Ticket Giveaway on Jet Set Radio



[Update] Enjoy the full live broadcast: Nutritious & Mark Farina – Evolution Radio – Jet Set USA – 05-03-13


Jet Set Radio, which airs on Clear Channel’s EDM Evolution radio stations across the USA and online via iHeartRadio, will host an exclusive broadcast from Nutritious this Friday, May 3rd 2013, and again on Sunday May 5th.

The original broadcast, intended to air live last week, featured Nutritious alongside renown dj Mark Farina. A portion of the show was pulled at the last minute for censored “repeated F-words” contained “within the crowd recording”.

According to the show’s producers, this weekend’s show was re-edited for broadcast and will now feature the worldwide debut of Nutritious’ forthcoming single “Flash It” along with a ticket giveaway to an upcoming show at Cielo in New York City on June 8th 2013. This is Nutritious’ second appearance on Jet Set Radio.

Jet Set Radio is a weekly FM radio show hosted by dj Isaiah Martin that spotlights world class DJs as they journey to nightclubs in New York, London, Ibiza, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Tokyo, Berlin and beyond. Jet Set also airs private and underground events as well as outdoor music festivals from around the globe.

Evolution is America’s first EDM FM station. The program launched last summer as a joint endeavor by Clear Channel and BBC Radio UK’s Pete Tong. Tong’s own show “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” airs weekly with a schedule varying by market.

Nutritious’s exclusive broadcast will air at the following times and locations:

iHeartRadio – web/app > Friday, May 3rd, 4-7pm EST

Boston, Massachusetts – Evolution 101.7 FM > Sunday, May 5th, 4- 7pm EST

Los Angeles, California – 102.7 KIIS FMHD2 > Friday May 3rd, 4-7pm EST

(Note: “Flash It” hits stores worldwide June 11)

Jet Set Radio with Mark Farina, Nutritious and Jay- J | Monday Night Social @ the Playhouse, Hollywood

2-hr live recording of Nutritious and Mark Farina at the legendary, Monday Night Social at Playhouse Hollywood followed by 1 hr live recording of Jay-J at Dope Den’s after party in Malibu, California, on Pete Tong’s Evolution 101.7 Jet Set Radio.

Jet Set Radio travels across the globe to bring you DJ Mixes from the world’s best nightclubs, parties and festivals. It is a weekly show hosted by Isaiah Martin and produced by Ultrafi Entertainment that spotlights world class DJ talent as they journey to the finest nightclubs in NY, London, Ibizia, LA, Miami, SF, Tokyo, Berlin and beyond.