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Washington D.C. | Nutritious Returns to Eighteenth Street Lounge 6.20.15


Nutritious returns to the legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge, a restored mansion that was once the home of Teddy Roosevelt and the current headquarters of Thievery Corporation, in D.C. for an evening of revelry. He’s headlining the Gold Room.

Saturday, June 20th

10pm til 2am
RSVP to party(at)spinspinnyc(dot)com
Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL)
1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036


Introducing Illuminated and Intuitive Artist, BethKaya


photo credit: Jeremy Gordon

We’re huge fans of Jersey Shore artist, BethKaya. An entrepreneur with a never-ending spring of creativity where the most elegant fragrances, candles, skin care products and jewelry are born. Check out her  boutique: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BethKaya

That’s why we’ve teamed up with her to give you 10% off your next order from BethKaya’s Etsy boutique when you use the code: SPINSPINBETHKAYA15

NiteTables Interviews Zoe Wilder


“It’s confusing when people ask me what I do. I kind of smile and ask them, ‘Well, how long do you have?’”

With a glass of wine in hand and lioness-like hair flowing in the wind, Zoe Wilder says this as we sit outside Revel in the Meatpacking District. As a dancer, model, writer, musician, photographer and humanitarian (and that’s not all), Zoe Wilder is more than just a one-trick pony. With so many talents and events in her life, she tends to take things as they come, without guidelines or plans. She even told me she had no idea what she was doing that week. Her aversion to routine and monotonous daily plans illuminates her multi-faceted personality…”

Read more via NiteTables: https://www.nitetables.com/blog/dancer-artist-model-writer-and-creative-zoe-wilder

Brooklyn Exposed | 20 Talented and Creative Brooklynites [Interview]

Brooklyn_Exposed_Zoe_Wilder_20_Talented _Creative


Our very own Renaissance Woman, Zoe Wilder, is included in Brooklyn Exposed’s 20 Talented and Creative Brooklynites.

Click through to continue reading the interview on Brooklyn Exposed


Meet SpinSpinNYC’s Art Director e.Binard

For months, we’ve been dying to introduce you to SpinSpinNYC’s Art Director, e.Binard: the woman responsible for helping make so many of our visions a reality, the artist behind our one of a kind clothing line Fetish Authentic, the creator of unique pieces for Nutritious and Wilder to perform in. She always keeps us wondering what mystical masterpieces will be unveiled next…

Lipstick_Studio_Nutritious_Wilder_SpinSpinNYC_01Lipstick Studio featuring Nutritious & Wilder. Photo credit: Michelle Pedone

How did you become a part of the SpinSpinNYC family?
Well, I’ve known Nutritious since my second year of college. We were housemates my third year at CU Boulder, in an infamous shared house affectionately dubbed “the Crack Shack”…but that’s a story for another time. Nutritious has always been an awesomely talented musician, from drumming to DJ, and I’ve always been a supporter of his musical endeavors. Plus, I had already worked with him designing some wardrobe pieces when he was involved with the Montel Williams show and book, and he has always been a great supporter and fan of my artistic endeavors. So when he asked me to work with SpinSpinNYC on everything from promotional designs to making merch, I was eager to get on board!

What’s your favorite genre of music?
I’m a rock and roll girl at heart, though I like a little of everything…from classical to world music to EDM.

Talk to us about some of the stuff you’ve done using Beck, Frank Zappa, and The White Stripes and even comedian Lewis Black as inspiration.
I was making clothing inspired by music going all the way back to puffy painting Grateful Dead dancin’ bears on jeans in junior high. I put Zappa, Beck, and Lewis all in a rug that I hand painted as part of my Masters Thesis Project, and that led me into using this style of portraiture in my clothing designs. Lewis Black was a personal friend, which led to him being in my designs for a while. The White Stripes have been a real driving force in my art for many years. They really have a straightforward and aesthetically pleasing design format, with the red, black, and white color scheme and many interesting identifiable motifs…and I have a bit of an obsession with the Stripes, and Jack’s music in general. I’ve always dreamed of getting to work on merchandise designs for him, or even just getting make some art for his personal collection…I hear he’s quite a taxidermy aficionado! Maybe someday…When it all comes down to it, I just make stuff I like and hope some other people like it, too.

I heard you outfitted Nutritious’s mother’s dogs.
Susan has been a great supporter of my arts as well, from being a buyer on my etsy page to sending me frozen roadkill to taxidermy. She became enamored with my clothing designs many years ago when I first started designing wardrobe pieces for Nutritious. I had this dog vest on my etsy page that I had made, and she saw it and wanted a pair for her 2 dogs. So, after sending her the existing one to try on for size, I made a second one with a slightly different design to go with it…so they match without being the same design. And the dogs look great in them!

Lipstick_Studio_Nutritious_Wilder_SpinSpinNYC_02Lipstick Studio featuring Nutritious & Wilder. Photo credit: Michelle Pedone

Where you do derive inspiration?
From everything around me. Music, art…especially street art, which is everywhere in NYC, architecture, history, science, and general geekery…especially sci-fi like Star Wars and Doctor Who.

When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?
I have always had an uncontrollable compulsion to make “stuff”. Even as a small child I was always drawing, or making animals out of wads of masking tape (my mom still has a masking tape horse I made that is so brittle from age she can’t even move it anymore!). It was never really a conscious decision for me, I just always was an artist…It’s always been the one constant in my life, so I knew if I tried too hard to be something else I would just burn out. Art is the one thing I can always do, and still want to do more.

What materials do you like to work with?
I like to work in just about anything I can get my hands on, from basic painting, to furniture refinishing, to textile arts, to sculpture, to taxidermy. And I’m always looking to try my hand at something new…I only started working in taxidermy in the past year or so, after hearing about anthropomorphic taxidermy classes that were being offered by The Observatory Room in Brooklyn. It was a natural aptitude for me, combining my love of miniatures (which comes from a childhood of working on dollhouses with my mom and sister) with my interest in dissection (anatomy and zoology were favorite subjects of mine in high school and college). I have always wanted to work in ceramics and glass, but haven’t really gotten the chance, or the facilities, to do so yet.

Nutritious_Wilder_Lipstick_Studio_SpinSpinNYC_03Lipstick Studio featuring Nutritious & Wilder. Photo credit: Michelle Pedone

How about some advice to aspiring artists? You obviously have a lot of experience with a Masters Degree, and you still study. Kick some knowledge to aspiring artists. What kinds of things do they really need to know?
It’s important to remember that there will always be people who you think have better skill or more talent than you…just be confident while always expanding your skill set, and do what you love regardless of what others are doing. And if you go to art school, the most important things to learn for getting through critiques are: Never cry in critique, no matter how much they tear your work apart…Just smile and nod, and thank them for their helpful opinions. Never stop learning, never stop exploring new media, never be afraid to try something new and never be afraid to fail at it either.

Do you sign all your work, or no?
I sign some of it, I should sign all or most of it…to be honest, I forget to sign my work a lot. Probably because I always know my work is mine…but considering that others don’t, and I won’t be around forever to verify it, I probably should make myself sign everything in some way.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?
That is like asking a mother which of her kids is her favorite! I really love how the Squeakeasy turned out, and my Timey Wimey Toile textile design turned out pretty much exactly how I envisioned it…which is both rare and exciting when it happens! I don’t think i could pick just one thing I’ve made as my ultimate favorite though…not so far.

What do you keep in your workspace/studio to help inspire you?
Oh, my studio is a huge organized mess of stuff that may or may not become part of art at some point. It’s only slightly more organized than a hoarder’s house! I do have a child size chinese dragon costume that I pulled out of the trash outside a school when I lived in Chelsea that I love. He kind of stands out of the mess. I find more inspiration outside that room, and bring it in there to work on, rather than going there to find my inspiration. It’s more of a problem solving and creating space than an inspiring one to me!

One thing to eat. One song to listen to. One show to watch on TV. One piece of fine art to look at. One book to read. One last thing to do before bed.
Love Interruption by Jack White
Big Bang Theory…I love those darn geeks!
Octopus Games by Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Right now I’d have to go with “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R. Martin, just because I can’t wait for the next book to come out…Seriously, it’s driving me nuts waiting for it!
Cup of tea before bed..then a thorough tooth brushing!

All of e.Binard’s taxidermy animals are ethically sourced, which means no animals are killed for her art. They come from feeder farms, roadkill, unclaimed deceased from several friends who are veterinarians, and donations. 

SpinSpinNYC Spotlight Feature: Taylor Flash

Jared_Fullerton_Photo_of_Taylor_Flash_SpinSpinNYCPhoto credit: Jared Fullerton

When did you first know that you wanted to be a photographer? How long have you been taking pictures?
I didn’t really know that I wanted to be a photographer when I first started. I just really enjoyed taking pictures and editing them. It wasn’t until I started hanging around Occupy Wall Street and documenting things that I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

What equipment do you prefer to work with?
I am a fan of fixed “prime lenses” like the 85 1.8/ 50 1.4 and 8mm f3.5. I normally use the Nikon D7000 for work, but for the last 6 months I have been using the Canon 60D to shoot photos as well as video. I sometimes shoot with a Canon XTI as well. I’m using the Mamiya 645 / Canon Ae Program 1 for an upcoming portrait / landscape project that will be completely on film.

Do you prefer studio work or capturing events?
I actually prefer capturing events. There’s a certain raw emotion that you can capture from people when they are protesting or belting their heart out on stage. The best part is capturing someone at the height of their performance, or while they are fighting for what they believe in. Also, I specialize in black and white photography.

Gowanus_Brooklyn_SpinSpinNYC_Taylor_FlashGowanus Brooklyn captured by Taylor Flash

Are you self taught or did you attend school?
I’m self taught. I learned how to use my camera manually and strobes manually by lots of trial and error while I was a raver. I read books, articles, anything that I could grab. For the first year I also refused to look at any major photographer’s pictures because I wanted to develop my own style. I recently just started an internship with a fashion photographer a week ago, so this is the first time that I have been following someone else.

Name an album / artist / mix you enjoy listening to while you edit photos.
It depends on what material I’m editing. If I’m editing rave material, I tend to listen to Tom Bulwer’s 2Deep Podcast, and the Deep House Cat podcast. If I’m editing shoots, it can range from Raekwon and Little Brother to artists such as Disturbed, Sevendust and Opeth.

How much does music influence your work?
Music influences my work a lot. If I want to edit or go for a darker mood, I tend to listen to Minimal/Deep House or Metal. If I want to go for something that is more vibrant, I’ll listen to various different forms of upbeat music. In certain events, I time my shots with the beat of the music that I’m hearing. It all depends.

Where you do derive inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from the moments when I see people/friends down on their luck, or my own personal struggles. In my studio shoots, a lot of times I’ll direct people to reveal who they really are behind their mask. On concept shoots, however, I tell people to move and act in such a way that reflects and embodies my inner feelings.

What are some of your most ambitious or favorite photographs/exhibits you’ve completed to date?
The most ambitious set of photos I’ve taken is definitely my set on Occupy Wall Street during the first “Day of Action” which took place on November 17, 2011. I put my camera and my freedom pretty much on the line to capture some of the shots that I have from that collection. They can all be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/62334701@N08/sets/72157628035099059/

Where can people find you?
and my portfolio can be found at: http://taylorflashphotos.wix.com/astoryofakid

If you are interested in prints (between 16×24- 24×36 inch sized prints, on various form of Kodak Supra Endura Paper, mainly lustre and metallica), you can contact Taylor Flash at taylorflashphotos@gmail.com or swing by the next SpinSpinNYC event and talk to him in person.