Melly Mel Flashes It For SpinSpinNYC



We met through our mutual love of music. Tell us about what’s inspiring you lately.

As much as I love to dance and rock out, lately I have been going through many positive changes in life and am finding a lot of inspiration through female singer/songwriters. From Carole King to Madonna; Alanis Morrisette to Regina Spektor. I’ve been listening through their albums, some of which I haven’t heard in years, and finding strength and empowerment. It’s amazing how music affects you differently at different parts of your life.

You get around. Tell us about your most memorable festival experience?

Of all the hundreds of festivals I have attended or worked at all over the country, my favorite, by far, is Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI. It’s hard to even put into words how magical the forest is. It’s a high energy, well executed event. The festival is held on a massive horse farm. There are three huge stages within reasonable distance from each other with great sound and lights. In between two of these stages is a huge redwood forest known as Sherwood Forest. Two hundred feet tall trees are decorated with some of the most amazing art installations and lights I have ever seen. There is something amazing to be seen everywhere. There are hundreds of performers throughout the forest so every corner you turn is a new interactive adventure. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. People also really bring their best, the costumes and camp setups are amazing! I also had the pleasure of working and playing all weekend with one of my best friends in the whole world, Jill, and it truly was one of the best times of my life.



You’re always rocking the most amazing party outfits and have an incredible sense of style. What are some of your favorite stores to shop at and do you make some of your clothing?

Style is a huge part of my world. It’s my main form of self expression. For me, putting together an outfit is creating a work of art. Brand names are meaningless to me and I embrace clothing for what it is. I love beautiful things and do most of my shopping online, through Etsy and Ebay. This is how I find my one of a kind clothes that no one else has. If you have patience and know how to look, you can find amazing, affordable clothing online. I also hand make a lot of my clothes. Most things I up-cycle from other pieces of clothing and make them into new things, and some I make from raw materials. I have been sewing for about five years now and it is my favorite form of art. Making costumes is most definitely my favorite. When I do shop, it’s mainly second hand, vintage, and thrift stores, and of course Victoria’s Secret.

Recently, we worked together on a photoshoot for SpinSpinNYC. Describe your experience in front of the camera.

I had a great experience working with SpinSpinNYC. My favorite thing about being in front of a camera and photography, in general, is the ability to capture a raw moment in time – – beauty in it’s true essence. You are creating something that can never be exactly duplicated. I always prefer to do shoots with minimal makeup, natural light and and few enhancements. A natural look in photography is hard to come by these days. SpinSpinNYC and I embrace that and it was a pleasure working with you.



What’s the best show/party you’ve been to this summer?

Recently, Prince’s band New Power Generation did a residency at City Winery in Manhattan. I was surprised with a ticket from my love, and had no idea what I was seeing when I got there. The show didn’t start until 1am. A 20 piece band with an 11 piece horn section took the stage and that was just the beginning. Cee-lo Green joined the band for a song and also Doug E Fresh. Larry Graham followed and did some of the funkiest bass slapping I’ve ever heard. Though his appearance was only rumored, Prince showed up at 3am and killed it to say the least. City Winery is a small venue and being able to see Prince in such an intimate setting was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. I’m a lucky girl!

You’re a dog lover. What’s your favorite kind of dog and why?

I have an exorbitant amount of love for all animals. I am a full time pet sitter and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Over the past year, I have bonded deeply with a client’s Samoyed, Homer. Samoyeds are big white fluffy teddy bear dogs full of love. He is by far the smartest, most well behaved dog I have ever met, I love him to pieces. Though I love dogs very much, I will always and forever be a cat person. My family does rescue and we have saved and found homes for hundreds of cats throughout my life. I have two of my own, Fudgesicle and Tang, and they make me very happy.

Anything else you’d like to share with everyone?

With festival season coming to an end I am hoping to spend more time in my studio and really start sewing and creating more beautiful things. Nothing makes me happier.


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