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Nutritious Debuts First Release “Flash It” June 25th: Official Video and Buy Links


Nutritious debuts his first release “Flash It” on his Brooklyn based SpinSpinNYC. With great reviews from DJ Times Magazine, URB, Magnetic Magazine and support from the likes of Boddhi Satva and Soul Clap, this wandering and forceful ditty is a bold journey into the future of deep house and edm – both expertly produced and proper fit for the dancefloor.





Early Feedback & Support:

“Nutritious’ sultry debut single conducts a romp through the sheets on a rainy day. The bassline’s sonic foreplay slowly brings the song to a climax as the lowpass filter reveals what’s hiding underneath, and next comes the biting refrain, which mellows out into a blissful, smoke-filled mixdown. It’s quite satisfying.”
-DJ Times Magazine

“New York City is Nutritious”
-The Huffington Post

“Nutritious’s debut gem “Flash It” starts out soothing and cool then builds with sensuous beats that will resonate beautifully on the dance floor – conjuring images of shimmering lights and thunderous bass – driving hips to speak, capturing the hustle and bustle of New York City and expressing the lucid language of love. The deep house revolution is here and this is the soundtrack.”
-URB Magazine

“An intergalactic soul-funk sex jam!”
-Magnetic Magazine

“In a market currently saturated with boring, formulaic deep house, Nutritious dares to be different on the progressive ‘Flash It’. Warm keys sting like the sounds of The xx and float atop a slow-burning bassline, only to explode into those euphoric hooks. Killer track.”
-Arthur Shikhman, Managing Editor, LessThan3

“This is beautiful. Been looking for new floaty jams. And, that acid line takes it to the stratosphere.”
-Eli Goldstein/Soul Clap

“Very well executed.”
-Boddhi Satva

“His new track takes deep house to new territories with little disregard for boundaries. The smooth, ascending bass line takes you for a walk through his masterful layering of tracks that sound like you’re in a jazz-infused space disco. It’s a captivating track which carefully balances highs and lows through strong production. Well worth the listen.”
-Wicked EDM

Terry Gotham | A Master at Work. Cielo Grooves to Nutritious [Review]



“…Nutritious is a consummate professional, 180 degrees away from the pre-created, press-play-and-smile DJ chompback we’ve seen proliferate at events. When the guy turns knobs, things actually happen. And the work was exceptional. The sound built out slowly, but with a respect for the listener and the space. Which was packed to capacity. People had come to see DJ Nutritious, and to hear him on the Funktion One soundsystem…”

Click through to continue reading Terry Gotham’s review and check out photos from the night by Sarita McDaniel Dyer:

Brooklyn Exposed | 20 Talented and Creative Brooklynites [Interview]

Brooklyn_Exposed_Zoe_Wilder_20_Talented _Creative


Our very own Renaissance Woman, Zoe Wilder, is included in Brooklyn Exposed’s 20 Talented and Creative Brooklynites.

Click through to continue reading the interview on Brooklyn Exposed

The Huffington Post | New York City Is Nutritious


“There’s a thin line between navigating one’s way on a particularly menacing day, through the mean streets of New York City, muttering, “You disgusting filthy ferocious thing” and staring awestruck, mesmerized, into a surreal Manhattan sunset from a Brooklyn rooftop, blinded by the hues of orange and pink and blue, whispering “You sexy, sexy city, you.”

I’ve got news for the naysayers, non-believers and the like: New York City is nutritious and worth the hype…”

Continue reading the poem inspired by Nutritious’s song and video “Flash It” on The Huffington Post:

1200Dreams | Exclusive Interview: Cubez – Brooklyn’s Hardest



“…Once the badlands to NYC’s clubland, Brooklyn has been experiencing somewhat of a nitelife boom lately. With the opening of System, Output, TBA, and other mega clubs and spaces, the BK, as the borough is lovingly called (usually followed by a whut whut), is quickly becoming the new music mecca of the Big Apple state. But don’t be fooled, BK might be attracting big name EDM DJs and fist pumping tools to its newly minted dance floors, but the real scene is in the gritty underground that’s always been there. And it’s from this scene that emerges the subject of the following interview.

While the city has historically been the place where you play once you’ve made it, it’s in places like Brooklyn that the making actually begins and that tomorrow’s new sounds and stars are born. One of the Brooklyn based acts that is bringing that new sound is Cubez…”

Click through to continue reading the interview on 1200Dreams:

June 28th Plus Plus (++) Chicago presents Dark + Deep with Nutritious



Enter the Obsidian Room, situated in Debonair Social Club’s lower recesses, to find yourself in space — not outer space, but an inner-dimensional space where movement & sound work symbiotically together. In this space, what you see, time itself & lack of motion hold no relevance.

Where it’s DARK + DEEP, time and place don’t matter. The space is black & the music captivates.

RSVP for Stoli Flavors cocktail reception from 10-11

1575 N. Milwaukee
10pm -2am
$6 Stoli Flavored Cocktails.
$5 Bourbon + PBR

++ GO DEEP ++

++ (plus plus)

(Stay Tuned for After Party Info)

Nutritious | Fetish Authentic World Tour Video

See what all the fuss is about.