Société Perrier | Toddlers to Turntables: 12 Moms of DJs Talk About Their Kids [Interview]



“Where would a DJ be without their mother?

Whether helping their child take the first steps of their musical journey or simply nurturing their musical dreams, the unconditional love, care and support DJs’ moms provided at an early age helped shape how their offspring came to make a name for themselves in their chosen profession, one beat at a time.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we talked to the moms of some of our favorite DJs about their beat-hungry children. What were they like as children? What’s the best career advice they’ve given them? So sit up straight and allow these proud mothers to kvell a little about their kin.”

Société Perrier talks to Nutritious, Drop The Lime, Lindsay Luv, AC Slater, Paper Diamond, Robbie Rivera, Marty Party, Chelsea Leyland, Whitney Fierce, Trus’me, Josh Ooah (The Glitch Mob and PANTyRAiD), The Chainsmokers, and Cash Cash.

READ it here:



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