Rage Tracks | Cubez: A New Artist Spotlight [Interview]



“Cubez is a new duo consisting of Angelo Tursi’s tonal exploration and Eric White’s 808 beat crafting skills.  Both from Brooklyn, New York, the duo brought their experimental music to the street…Angelo created the incredible bass lines, eerie synths and vocals. Eric laying down his signature 808 beats instantly had us bouncing and wanting more. The ending product, a two and a half minute journey through deep and wicked bass that will have you working at festivals, clubs, or just your headphones.

Sitting down with Angelo and Eric, I had the honor to find out a little bit more what to expect from Cubez in the near future…”

Click through to read the full interview from Rage Tracks: http://ragetracks.com/blogs/cubez-a-new-artist-spotlight/



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