Skams is here. Official Music Video and Buy Links at the Drop…

by @CubezRus




Written and Produced by: Angelo Tursi and Eric White (lil Panda)
Mixed & Mastered by: Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound Studios NYC

® SpinSpinNYC 2013

Early Feedback & Support:
“Always hyped for new Cubez! Demented, intricate, twisted and intelligent beats from real musicians/songwriters who love bass!! Starkey remix is of course killer also!”

“So sick, love this tune! sexy trippy hip hop. my fav. cant wait to hear more!”
-Ooah (Glitch Mob / Panty Raid)

“Skams is constantly keeping you guessing and doesn’t follow some generic drop formula. It’s a heavy one, and was a fun track to remix.”

“Skams is a lucid exploration of bass and vocals…It’s music for the nocturnal and the unafraid.”
-More Than Disco

“Fun, eclectic, intricately orchestrated and combined with an incredibly skilled live performance.”
-URB Magazine



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