Alt Citizen Magazine | Artist Spotlight: Zoe Wilder and Nutritious [Interview]


“One never knows what to expect from entering a party hosted by Zoe Wilder and Nutritious. And when I darted off the M at Myrtle Ave and walked towards Bizarre, I felt both tingling anticipation and a touch of madness, as though my conscience was dogged between a devil and an angel on my shoulders. I was estranged by the beauty of the building and the obscenity of two blow-up dolls crouched in the window. On the sidewalk, a man with a megaphone, a tuba player, and a percussionist beckoned passerbys, “Come drink a beer! Come drink a beer!”

I walked past DJ Nutritious, who stood smiling from the stoop above, and went straight to the bar. Zoe Wilder was busily tending the beautiful wooden bar. She gave me a beer, introduced me to Nutritious, and told me the band outside was called Stumblebum Brass Band. Within ten minutes, I was sharing the drum kit with Nutritious and their drummer. After a full set, I sat down with Nutritious.”

Continue reading Alt Citizen Magazine’s interview with Nutritious and Zoe Wilder HERE:



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