Fetish Authentic Presents Dennis Ferrer (Objektivity) 12/12/12 in NYC: Exclusive Interview | URB Magazine

Dennis_Ferrer_Sensation_URB_Fetish_AuthenticYou know him from “Hey Hey” or “Red Room.” I know him from kicking it backstage at Sensation in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center back in October. Dennis Ferrer‘s infectious personality won me over instantly. A wide grin graced his face, while genuine eyes let me know he was present, focused in the moment. Grateful and aware, he spoke unabashedly with passion and eloquence between bursts of laughter.

So very humble for someone so very accomplished (he’s currently #1 on Beatport’s Deep House Top 10 for his remix of Nick Curly‘s “Underground”), someone who just rocked a crowd of thousands into an ecstatic and enlightened frenzy only an hour earlier. It was refreshing, as is his musical aesthetic and work ethic. When I think of Dennis and his label Objektivity, several other adjectives come to mind: genre-defying, innovative, prolific, provocative, creative. Add his distinctive point of view and impressive catalog of body moving music, and well, it’s easy to understand why so many people, myself included, adore him.

You can catch Dennis Ferrer live Wednesday, December 12th, where he’ll be joining Nutritious in New York City at Hotel on Rivington’s sexy sanctuary, Viktor & Spoils, for Fetish Authentic. SKYY Vodka Open Bar 10pm-11pm. $9 Drink Specials All Night. Table reservations are available – send requests to: fetishauthentic@spinspinnyc.com Doors at 10:00 p.m.

In anticipation of his upcoming performance, please enjoy this URB exclusive interview.

Read the interview with Dennis Ferrer via URB Magazine in anticipation of the evening: http://www.urb.com/2012/12/04/fetish-authentic-presents-dennis-ferrer-objektivity-on-121212-in-new-york/




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