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New Year’s 2013 | Acme Studios Presents an End of the World Affair

When Brooklyn’s  ultra creative and super prestigious Acme Studio is not busy designing and building sets for fashion magazines and A-Listers, they are busy party planning. This New Year’s Eve 2013, a dignified cocktail hour will give way to a one-of-a-kind midnight countdown at Acme Studio in Williamsburg with electrifying live performances by Dynasty Electric, Nutritious, Body Language (DJ Set), Picture Plane, Van Genderen and Tony Grund and dancing until breakfast, after the sun comes up.

Cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres, all night open bar, music and performances, and breakfast included in pay-one-price ticket price. 10 pm til 6am. Tickets: 


Spotlight Feature & Guest Review: AudioBite Records

audiobite-02-640x213_2Detroit native, producer, percussionist, culinary artist and music lover Nicole Simpkins started Audiobite Records in 2008 with a mission to give undiscovered artists from around the globe a voice. In September, Audiobite celebrated their 100th release with an album that includes 10 new original tracks from 10 of their artists.

As I type, new artists are being signed from all over the world (Italy, Brazil, Germany, and Canada to name a few) and Berlin-based artists Jeff & Jessey (formerly Joe & Jessey) just released an EP called “The Fire” featuring remixes from Ramiro Bernabela and Berlin legend Robin Masters Orchestra (aka DJ Jauche). Not afraid to take risks, Audiobite expresses a wide range of sounds from soulful, deep, and vocal to progressive, tribal and techy. Be sure to link up with them on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know.

Audiobite’s leading lady, Nicole, was kind enough to review the following two SpinSpinNYC releases for your reading pleasure. 

Nutritious Presents Duke Williams and The Extremes
“Very interesting and enjoyable EP complete with original mixes and proper treatments from Nutritious. All three of the original mixes have a great old-school funky southern rock vibe, and are accompanied by revamped treatments that are fit for the dancefloor. The original “God Bless All The Girls In The World” is funky and slightly jazzy with awesome guitar riffs and gritty and captivating vocals, while the Nutritious treatment brings on the funk and power while keeping the vibe of the original intact. “Theme From The Bermuda Triangle” radiates a tropical jazzy vibe with its mind-blowing guitar solos, dreamy organs, and groovy tropical drums. Nutritious takes this to a higher level of jazzy funk giving it an electrifying result. “I Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow” definitely has a 70s southern vibe with its sultry vocals, funky riffs, and ethereal sounds. The Nutritious treatment of this one has a deep and moody atmospheric vibe, perfect for the late night set. Overall a very impressive release with a new take on a classic sound.”

Infernal Devices – Life in Stereo EP
“This high quality 6-track EP is complete with 4 amazing original mixes from Infernal Devices and mind-blowing remixes from Nutritious and Savoir Adore. The original mix of “Life in Stereo” is both captivating and electrifying, demonstrating a proper use of echo effects and soothing vocals driven along by resonating sounds. Nutritious’ mix features Chuck Love and is deep and driving with evocative jazzy horns, ethereal effects, and beautiful melodies all put together to make a very unique and mesmerizing result. Savoire Adore brings on a progressive and climactic journey with breathtaking vocals and metallic sounds that has a quite powerful overall effect. “Passengers” has the perfect combination of energy and deepness with its propelling synths and dreamy sounds. “We Are Alone” has nu-age vibes over a deep and resonating groove with a perfect sprinkling of entrancing vocals. “Move On” has a gritty and pulsating energy that’s complete with swaying synths and euphoric vocals that drive the track. All of these tracks display a raw and real emotion that emanates through to the listener and possess a quite sophisticated yet simple and soothing effect.”

Nutritious Announces Fetish Authentic World Tour


Nutritious launched Fetish Authentic tour with a 5 week run at New York City’s Ace Hotel this November then on to the legendary home of Thievery Corporation, ESL (18th Street Lounge), in Washington D.C. early December with weekly stops ahead along with Nickodemus, Body Language, Colette, Dennis Ferrer, Escort, Jkriv, Avan Lava and more heading into the New Year. 2013 kicks off with the return of Nutritious to Mighty San Francisco in February alongside the legendary Mark Farina for Mushroom Jazz.

The Fetish Authentic tour features Nutritious live remixing and percussing on cdjs and turntables with an array of original music and awe-inspiring surprises. His Fetish Authentic events have recieved critical acclaim from premiere nightlife sources like Société Perrier, URB Magazine, Time Out and Urban Daddy. Between new releases on his SpinSpinNYC Records imprint, diy clothing, art and jewelery lines, the Fetish Authentic tour is an amazing opportunity to bring a slice of Nutritious’ stunning dance floor rocking abilities and authentic culture creation to your neck of the woods.

From warehouses, venues like Ultra Music Festival, Cielo, Jam Cruise, the Whitney Museum of American Art, to commissioned mixtapes for W Hotels International and American Apparel’s Viva Radio Worldwide, Nutritious performances appeal to bohemian tastemakers and party fanatics the world over.


Fetish Authentic Apparel 2013

We’re excited to bring you our 2013 Fetish Authentic Apparel, showcasing over 100 One of Kind Pieces Handcrafted in Brooklyn by SpinSpinNYC artists e.Binard & House of Fig (stay tuned for some upcoming features on them in the coming weeks). In the meantime, check out our Mens, Womens & Unisex clothing and jewelry, shipped to order with your SpinSpinNYC

Nutritious_Fetish_Authentic_SpinSpinNYC_Apparel_07_Web1Nutritious Hand Silked Viscose Tank & Customized SOL REPUBLIC Headphones

Nutritious_Fetish_Authentic_SpinSpinNYC_Apparel_02_Web1Fetish Authentic Silver Neck Chain


New Mix by Nutritious: 137 Mixtape

Live Board Recording from the Fetish Authentic Holiday Party at the Hotel on Rivington 12.19.12

Enjoy this live board recording of Nutritious’s set at the Fetish Authentic Holiday Party at the Hotel on Rivington.

SpinSpinNYC Artists Charles Brix & Infernal Devices Pick One Song / Artist to Listen to as the World Comes to an End | Magnetic Magazine

Magnetic_Magazine_SpinSpinNYCTwo SpinSpinNYC artists, Charles Brix & Infernal Devices, tell Magnetic Magazine which song / artist they would like to listen to as the world comes to an end.

“Computer Love by Kraftwerk. I used to listen to this song over and over again as a kid.  It has a great groove, but also this serene quality to it that calms me down. If it was all coming to an end, I think I’d like to be in a peaceful state of mind.” –Andy Miccolis of Infernal Devices

“If there’s anyone I’d trust to prepare my soul for the next dimension, it would have to be Nutritious.  When it comes to soul, he’s got the market cornered.” –Charles Brix aka Higher Nebulae (SpinSpinNYC)

via Magnetic Magazine: