SpinSpinNYC | Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2012

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is upon us again and SpinSpinNYC is proud to be an official sponsor. 

Our own, Zoe Wilder, interviewed Brittany for WFW Magazine. This will be her second showing at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, an event she’s particularly fond of because of the emphasis on performance. “It really can accentuate the designer’s vision and purpose,” she added. Although she’s never been to Japan, her line is heavily influenced by it. She calls it Atarashii which is Japanese for new. When asked to explain the inspiration behind her aesthetic, she said, “I’ve been studying their pattern making techniques, reading Japanese authors and have become enamored by the simplicity, yet complexity of their art so it made sense to me to pay homage to the culture with that.”

Expect the unexpected.

Zoe Wilder will be modeling for the fabulous Brittany Erb on Saturday, September 15th at Windmill Studios located at 287 Kent Ave. betw. S. First and S. Second Streets.

While physical copies of the magazine will be made available at the event, you may preview the digital version here: http://williamsburgfashionweekend.com/?page_id=1186

For more information: williamsburgfashionweekend.com



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