Pause & Play: Nutritious Sees The Retro Future [Interview]

Nutritious has been serving up tasty treats as a world-renowned DJ for years. Now he has a new mission: record company mogul.The New Yorker recently launched SpinSpinNYC, and his aim is true. He wants to provide the world with party music.

He digs deep for his label’s first release: “Nutritious Presents Duke Williams and The Extremes” (released on Aug. 14). It’s a six-song slab of retro funk straight from the 1970s. The Extremes released two long-forgotten albums on Capricorn Records, including 1973’s “A Monkey in a Silk Suit Is Still a Monkey.” Their other claim to fame was that Richie Sambora took over for guitarist Paul Plumeri in 1980 before co-founding Bon Jovi in 1983.

Nutritious took some of the Extremes songs and gave it a contemporary spin, without sacrificing any of their original raw energy.

In a recent interview, Nutritious talks about SpinSpinNYC, Duke Williams and The Extremes and what’s up ahead for his fledgling label.

Read the full interview here:



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