Introducing: Infernal Devices

We, SpinSpinNYC, pride ourselves on being picky. Extremely picky. So when we heard the music of electropop duo, Infernal Devices, and loved it, we paid attention. So should you.Right now, Infernal Devices are sequestered in their Brooklyn studio churning out brand new dance tunes, stamped with their signature retro-future sound, for our enjoyment. Expect a few surprises.

Check out the lead single from their forthcoming EP Life In Stereo on SpinSpinNYC. Let the glow of their Phenomatron lead the way.

Andy and Mark, we like your sound, where does it come from?
The intersection of music that makes us want to dance and the music that we want to sing along to.

Share 5 things about NYC that inspire you
1) Walking around the city late at night
2) Going to loft parties where people are dancing and friendly and having a good time
3) Seeing a building from 1880, next to a building from 1980, next to a construction site.
4) The New York pace of life. Never stop, always keep going.
5) Egg creams.

Dream collaboration?
I’ve been reading about Daft Punk working with Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder on their new album, and working with that group would be a fantasy come to life. Some others would be Phillipe Zdar or Damon Albarn. And who wouldn’t want to do a track with David Bowie?

Link up with Infernal Devices:
Official site –
Facebook –
Twitter –
SoundCloud –
YouTube –

Infernal Devices Life In Stereo worldwide release September 25 2012 on SpinSpinNYC


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