July 28 2012: Slow Disco Saturdays #30: Nutritious

Slow Disco Saturdays is a monthly DJ session at halcyon the shop, presented by Autobrent and Pitch It Down and hosted by the queen of the retarded beat scene  Bianca Von Baum. Sessions feature guest djs laying down 3 hours of tempo challenged tunes, from dawdling Cosmic-Disco to lazy, low-slung Funk and lead-footed Balaeric. If you’re feeling sluggish after a Friday night of the quick-paced,  come pitch-it-down with Ms. Baum on a Slow Disco Saturday afternoon.

For this episode we bring you a talented local straight from the city’s underground, Nutritious. Prepare for an evening full of deep-boogie funk.

3-7pm at Halcyon
57 Pearl Street Brooklyn
A/C trains to High / F to York

DOWNLOAD THE SET HERE: https://halcyonline.com/2012/sat-7-28-slow-disco-saturdays-030-dj-nutritious/



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