Do It Proper – Brooklyn Groove (Nutritious & Bains BomBoogie Mix) [Reviews]

“…While maintaining the original bounce of the track, Nutritious does his best to offer a true New Yorker’s take on the “Brooklyn Groove,” with just the right amount of chutzpah.” – Read More at The Untz

“Nutritious & Bains add an amazing “WOW!” factor to things, loving that lo slung percussive groove. Love that!” – Al Bradley (3am Recordings)

“This Nutritious & Bains is forward thinking and fun, mos def will get some rub.” – Dj Rusty B (All Good Funk Alliance)

“That 9min remix is pretty insane in that lot, feelin it!” – Simbad (Various/Deja Vu/London/NYC)

“Nutritious & Bains Remix Real boogie Bomb!” – Irregular Disco Workers (Baker Street, Funk Noir, Lightspeed, Electric Sheep)

“Loving the low slung nature of the nutritious and bains bomboogie!” – Mike W (Kolour Recordings)

“Dope release. Really feeling Nutritious.” – Dustin Kinney (5 Magazine)

“The Nutritious & Bains BomBoogie Mix of “Brooklyn Groove” is a sprawling, ambitious treatment … the way I like it. Great percussion throughout. Thanks for it.” – Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension)

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