Zoe Wilder Graces the Cover of Paul Gomez’s Novel, New Wave Sci Fi

“New Wave Sci Fi is a fantasy for grown-ups. This book of stories can be read from first to last in the standard method, or taken separately  back to middle and around to the front. It is a fictional memoir, a confession, and in part an apology, regarding the adventures of the author’s lifelong alter ego — Sunshine Garcia — as a struggling writer, a heroic carouser, a spastic philanderer, a terrible philosopher, a lucid dreamer, and a mostly-deaf gypsy waiter.

It’s also a love story, with time travelers, sorcerers and royalty, mad scientists and sex goddesses, dragons, a spaceship, rock and roll, divine mystery, and a talking, drinking mouse. It’s about losing your way to find your way, and the transformative, directive power of nobility and reincarnation…” More Info: http://www.mcnallyjackson.com/product/new-wave-sci-fi



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