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Gratitude: A New Weekly Radio Show

Tune in and join Nutritious and Wilder live from SpinSpinNYC on MyHouseYourHouse Radio every Tuesday 11am-1pm EST.

Nutritious – Super Chill DJ – Hour Long Mixtape You Need to Hear!

“Jazzy, hip, energetic – this is DJ Nutritious in a nutshell. His hour long set titled “Body Out of Control, Too” is just so sick – put it on and enter your own isolated reality for a little while, or, put it on while you have people at your house for a more mellow, laid back party atmosphere. Nutritious isn’t dubstep, he’s not house, hes just so damn cool.

I’m seriously loving this music. He reminds me of a slightly chiller Pretty Lights – don’t get me wrong, this is a different style of music – but something about it just whispers “Pretty Ligh….t..s…..”


Jam Cruise 9 – Late Night Disco with Nutritious [Video]

Zoe Wilder 2011 Promo Video