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Support for Indecent Exposure

The following publications have shown their support for Nutritious’s Indecent Exposure…DailysessionHeadstash Magazine

“…the one song that gets stuck in my head and refuses to escape.” – MeanLittleBumbleBee

“If I liked it enough to write about it and goad you into buying it, it’s definitely worth a download…” – 5Magazine


Lost In Sound: It’s Time You Heard Nutritious [Interview]

“For years, Nutritious has been crushing the underground dance scene in New York City with intelligent, booty-shake-inducing beats that cleverly blend an organic musical texture into an intricate electronic framework, resulting in a full-bodied soundscape that simultaneously nourishes the body and soul.

And as Nutritious prepares to set sail on January 4th, he was kind enough to discuss how the Jam Cruise gig came together in addition to the release of his new track ‘Indecent Exposure,’ and the primal influences in his music that might make your clothes fall right off. Read on…it’ll be good for you…”


Headstash Magazine: Nutritious and Fort Knox Five in NYC [Photo Gallery]

“Take a look at this amazing photo gallery from photographer Nick Fitanides from Le Poisson Rouge in New York City on December 11 where Nutritious, the Fort Knox Five, D.V.S.* and LYNX and Janover threw down…”

Check out the rest of the photos HERE: