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The Sullivan Street Shakedown: Five, Eight, Forty

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: Five, Eight, Forty
A Celebration Of Photographer Matthew Fitzgerald’s Birthday XL


DrumLab & DJ Viz (Psylab)
Will Swank (Motet)
Gregg Marcus (TrumpetLab)
People In Charge
Zoe Wilder
Mikey Beatz
VJ Mamiko Kushida
& More Special Guests TBA

We are throwing it down at The Sullivan Street Shakedown for one of the finest brothers we know. Matt Fitzgerald and his brilliant photography have been helping the scene (and us) grow strong for many years and in honor of his day of birth, we’re putting together an assortment of instrumentalists/deejays that will assemble to bring you hours of audio diamonds. These players are from some of the biggest, baddest stages around, and they’re combining on this night to pull out every stop, every trick in their book – every riff, scratch, slide, snap, boom, bam they’ve ever perfected will be projected at pleasing your soul, moving your body, and bringing this fine human into his next year of life. Matt and his keen eyes have helped breathe life into and move the careers of every performer you’ll see on this night, and with your presence (the best birthday present there is), together, we can turn the focus back on Matt and give him the soiree he so rightfully deserves. From live drum and bass, brass horns, records and cds, to v-drums and kaossed vox, there will be new genres of music formed on this night, and all of it will move you so, come ready to be moved…and dance.

Special photo coverage of this night will be provided by the talented, Daniela Volpi.

The duo of Steve (drums) and Ed (techno wizardry) of the famous psychedelic / live electronic band Psylab. DrumLab breaks it down into the strictly twisted dub elements of Psylab’s mastery and paves new ground with what can be done with a set of e-drums and lots of SUBS.

People In Charge:
Added to the sonic mix is the collaboration of rotating People In Charge musical guests – the opportunity for producers to rock their instruments live on stage rather than behind the recording console. On this night, Mikey Beatz (drums), eBonheur (bass), and Zoe Wilder (vocals) team with DrumLab to turn the party on its head.

DJ Viz:
Or Vizzie, the techno technician of Psylab fame, rocks the 1’s and 2’s, strictly vinyl, for an exploration and elaboration of the world’s finest Dub-Step and Drum & Bass. Viz is a sub-bass gourmand, so be ready to feel it in your gut.

Will Swank:
Swank brings with him years of touring experience with The Motet and a background in subterranean Jazz that stands the test with history’s most legendary saxophone players. Will rocks a growling tenor and phrases lines like he’s painting the future in ancient poetry.

Is a DJ… and he rocks the shit out of parties.

is a ninja.

Zoe Wilder:
ZW has shared many a stage but, most infamous for her collaborations with Psylab and the New Deal. Possibly most remembered for her shadow dancing performance at main-stage Camp Bisco 6, Wilder’s scheming something xxx-tra provocative for Five Eight Forty so, abre los ojos.

VJ Mamiko Kushida:
Mami should need no introduction but, new to the States after rockin Japan’s biggest events for years, Mamiko’s the most bad-ass VJ here. She’s one part kunoichi, one part Foxy Brown – she’ll super-fly slice-you and you’ll thank her for it.

Update 4/27:: We’re announcing the addition of Gregg Marcus on
trumpet, enhanced by Vizzie’s custom effects software “TrumpetLab”.

A limited number of $10 pre-sale tickets are available at

Festivities start at 11:00 sharp – 214 Sullivan Street – Saturday May 8th.

Date: 05/08/10
Doors: 11:00pm – 4am
Cost: $10 adv
Ages: 18+
Location: Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan Street, NYC
Trains: A,B,C,D,E,F,V to W. 4th
Web: //
Phone: SpinSpinNYC @ 347-875-SPIN

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: JT Donaldson, DJ Nutritious, Dynasty Electric, & VJ Mamiko Kushida

Friday, April 9th, 2010 (04/09/10) @ Sullivan Hall (214 Sullivan Street)

(New York, NY – NYC) The newest underground house music (Jackin, Chicago-Style, Bounce-Heavy, Jazzy, & Electro) from some of the most innovative on the scene. JT Donaldson’s productions are world famous, while Dynasty Electric is famed for their Newsonic Loft parties and incredible live performances. VJ Mamiko Kushida, transplanted from Kyoto Japan, brings her avant garde visual stylings as the Sullivan Street Shakedown’s resident and powerful VJ. SpinSpinNYC’s DJ Nutritious hosts alongside Zoe Wilder while Max Blackman rocks the lights, masterfully. These parties are always 18+, $10, and occur monthly at Sullivan Hall. Visit for more info.

11:30pm, $10
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan Street, (btwn Bleecker & W. 3rd) NYC