In Stores Today: Nutritious – Moonset

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Introducing: Otodojo “Continuum”

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As a rookie producer (and new signing to SpinSpinNYC) with interests ranging from instrumental hip hop to minimal techno, Maro Kariya has been hesitant to define himself in any particular genre. Being heavily inspired by artists from an array of genres, such as John Frusciante, RRose, Nujabes, Trentemøller, Tinman, and Baumfreund, Maro has found that to constrain his sonic-self to a particular genre is not possible. Like how every molecule in a human body is cycled every six months, Maro’s ‘own sound’ is dynamic: being broken down, and built back up through each production.

In 2013, Maro created OTODOJO (translated to English from Japanese: “sound place for learning”), an environment to explore his own sonic-self without the constraints of a particular genre.

Maro’s first productions through OTODOJO were minimal, with a rusty, industrial essence. Maro’s inclination towards developing these early sounds were partly derived from growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: a previously crime-struck, drug-ridden, barren post-industrial neighborhood (a now unmistakeable landmark for hipsterdom, art, and a model of gentrification in New York), and also from his experience in Japan during and after the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Shortly after developing OTODOJO, Maro began his doctorate degree in Chemistry. Naturally, his productions began to incorporate inspirations from his studies and research and he began to apply principles he learned in the lab to music.

Maro is currently developing an array of sounds derived from spectroscopic data in order to accurately define the sound of molecules while developing a live set devoted to auto-generative textures and drum patterns.

Continuum by Otodojo, is slated for late summer 2015 release on SpinSpinNYC.

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New Promo: Moonset by Nutritious

Nutritious - Moonset - Artwork1500

“Among the late night Brooklyn streets a smoke grey haze drifts past a yellowing moon. Cats and water towers perch on rooftops. The neighbors are having a house party. I know because I can hear their wine glasses, and cackles. It’s been too many days with little to no sleep, but my studio monitors blare the loud blasts of deep house bass from my second story window. The moonset, have you seen it? Witness it’s magic and let the music be your guide.”

Moonset hits stores worldwide 8/21/15 with the promo hitting inboxes now. Are you on the list?

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Exclusive Pre-Order of Oppenheimer Regroup by Nutritious

Nutritious’ song, Oppenheimer Regroup, comes out June 3oth, but you can purchase it in advance for only 7 bucks here:

Washington D.C. | Nutritious Returns to Eighteenth Street Lounge 6.20.15


Nutritious returns to the legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge, a restored mansion that was once the home of Teddy Roosevelt and the current headquarters of Thievery Corporation, in D.C. for an evening of revelry. He’s headlining the Gold Room.

Saturday, June 20th

10pm til 2am
RSVP to party(at)spinspinnyc(dot)com
Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL)
1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

June 11th | Takeover 2.0 w/ Alan Nieves, Jay Hill, SAES, Jordi Iven @ The303 Louie and Chan

Alan Nieves_Takeover_SpinSpinNYC

Last month’s Takeover debut was a wild success. Join Alan Nieves and the rest of his crew for another evening of groovy tech house beats at Louie and Chan in NYC.

Tiered Ticket Sales ($10 advanced / $15 door):
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Zoe Wilder Interviews Interesting Women on Skirt Collective


Check out Zoe Wilder’s interviews with interesting women on Skirt Collective. So far she’s featured Lindsay Jones (pictured above) Anastasia Arteyeva, Beth Kaya, Jenny Electrik and Asha Lo:

Photo by Chris Luttrell